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Spatiotemporal Analysis Using Remote Sensing Data


P.Kalyani, P.Govindarajulu


Vol. 13  No. 12  pp. 28-34


Spatiotemporal land use patterns represent the subsets of features whose instances are frequently located together in geo-graphic space. The dominance of ideology, state control and economic planning on Urban planning and developed was reduced after the economic reforms in 1978.The shift from a planned economy to a market economy is challenging Indian Urban planning. These macro political and economic changes require that urban planning methods and techniques incorporate process oriented planning. These for India, new planning approaches require the need to understand the complicated urban land development process. Geographic information system and remote sensing provided the advance techniques and methods for studying urban land development and assist urban planning. To find the spatiotemporal land use patterns of urban areas in different time periods and the changes to be detected by using land cover classification.


GIS, Remote sensing, Spatiotemporal patterns, land use change, spatial pattern analysis, urban planning