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Comparative Analysis and Implementation of Image Encryption Algorithms


Rajinder Kaur


Vol. 13  No. 12  pp. 53-57


Due to the rapid growth of digital communication and multimedia application, security becomes an important issue of communication and storage of images.,Image security has found a great need in many applications where the information (in the form of image) is to be protected from unauthorized access.Encryption is one of the ways to ensure high security. In recent years, encryption technology has been developed and many image encryption methods have been used. These methods produce randomness in the image so that the content is not visible. Encryption and decryption consume a considerable amount of time. So there is a need for an efficient algorithm. This paper proposed three different image encryption techniques for color image. Simulation results are presented and a comparative analysis of the different methods is discussed.


Cryptography, Correlation Coefficient, Encryption,Decryption,Histogram, Selective Image Encryption