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Multi-Niche Crowing in a Steady State Evolutionary Algorithms for Dynamic Multicast Routing


Dadmehr Rahbari, Saeed Toosizadeh


Vol. 13  No. 12  pp. 123-131


One of the most important problems in computer networks is the path finding of multi-destination mobiles in a dynamic environment by minimizing cost and delay, as well as maximizing bandwidth. In this paper, first a routing table is constructed by a local search and subsequently optimized by a hybrid of a steady state evolutionary algorithm, simulated annealing, and multi niche crowding. Simulations in a dynamic environment confirm our proposed combination ultimates to the superior solutions as compared to individual methods. Our performance evaluation includes fitness values of solution, run time and change in parameters.


Dynamic multicast routing, Genetic algorithm, Simulated annealing, Multi Niche crowding