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Measuring Coupling and Cohesion to Evaluate the Quality of a Remodularized Software Architecture Result of an Approach Based on Formal Concept Analysis


Lala Madiha Hakik, Rachid El Harti


Vol. 14  No. 1  pp. 11-16


Existing approaches of remodularized software systems often change the initial structure of software packages. These approaches do not take into account the original organization of classes or package size, and it can be difficult for a software expert to understand the result and know the way back to the initial state structure. Initial remodularized architecture by exploring the redistribution classes of a package with an approach based on formal Concept Analysis, it allows the software expert to know the way back and it offers an alternative remodularization. This paper presents the metrics concerning our approach in [13] and reveals interesting results for the cohesion and the coupling measuring.


Metrics of cohesion, Metrics of coupling, Remodularization, Software architecture, FCA