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Wimax Capacity Estimation Through Different Channel Characterstic


Saeed AL-Rashdy, Guo Qing


Vol. 14  No. 1  pp. 66-71


In this paper we study a factors influencing system bandwidth capacity in IEEE 802.16e networks. The system capacity of 802.16j also investigated and evaluated to understanding how the relay architecture can lead to capacity increases in the downlink. An analytical study of the WiMAX propagation channel by using Cost-231 Hata Model is presented. This model performance in different frequency band, and also the SNR achieved under different frequency band. The useful bandwidth for WiMAX in downlink and calculation the maximum numbers of subscriber station (SS) based on traffic modelling also calculated. Numerical results and discussion highlight the effect of factors over WiMAX capacity also we simulated the modeling for different system parameter and traffic cases to ease the mobile WiMAX planning using MATLAB.


WiMAX capacity, IEEE802.16j, mobile WiMAX, SNR, Cost-231 Hata