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Attestation Performance on Digital Watermarking


B.Priyanka, D.Pramodh Krishna, E.Purushottam


Vol. 14  No. 1  pp. 94-101


In this study, we propose a digital watermarking scheme, which performs operations like embedding, attack and detection of watermarks. Watermarks are embedded for authentication of images. In this paper, both visible and invisible watermarks are proposed. Invisible watermark is performed by LSB(least significant bit) and visible watermark is performed by DCT(Discrete cosine transform) which results a watermarked image. Later, we add noise to the watermark image which in turn means a attack on the image.JPEG compression is also done on the image as form of attack. Finally, we de-noise the image and extract the watermark.


digital watermark, Least significant bit, Discrete cosine transform, JPEG compression, watermarked image, authentication, attack, de-noise, embed watermark, detect watermark, extract watermark