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Fuzzy Logic Approach to Improving Stable Election Protocol for Clustered Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks


Baghouri Mostafa, Chakkor Saad, Hajraoui Abderrahmane


Vol. 14  No. 1  pp. 112-116


The wireless sensor network is composed of a set of nodes which energy is limited in terms of computing, storage and communication power. In this network, a few nodes become cluster head which causes the energetic heterogeneity of the network, therefore the behavior of the sensor network becomes very unstable as soon as the life of the first node is elapsed. SEP has proposed the extension of time to network stability before the death of the first node and the reduction of unstable time before the death of the last node. This protocol is based on the election of cluster head by the balance of the probabilities of the remaining energy for each node. In this paper, we propose to improve SEP by fuzzy logic (SEP-FL). We show by simulation in MATLAB that the proposed method increases the stability period and decreases the instability of the sensor network compared with LEACH, LEACH-FL and SEP taking into account the energy level and the distance to the base station. We conclude by studying the parameters of heterogeneity as the protocol proposed (SEP-FL) provides a longer interval of stability for large values of additional energy brought by the more powerful nodes (advanced).


WSN, Fuzzy Logic, SEP, Energy lifetime, heterogeneous clusters