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“Integrative Education Environmental System” Operated by Active Learning System Using Smart Phone


Kazuya Murata, Takayuki Fujimoto


Vol. 14  No. 2  pp. 22-30


Currently, the Smart Phone spread all over the world. Of course, the diffusion rate in Japan increases rapidly, too. Particularly, as for the Japanese university student, most students possess a Smart Phone. According to this, university start practicing the new class form called “The smart phone using class”. The diffusion rate of Smart Phone continues grow and grow. Therefore, we thought that “The smart phone using class” is useful. However, a big problem is left. It is “Inappropriate use” of the smart phone. This problem is very serious in the present. So in this research, we propose an integrated learning environment system to realize the class use of the smart phone. As the method, we build the class environment that students use Smart Phone appropriately. In addition, we developed application for classes that students can participate in a class with the Smart Phone. By these two structures, we build “Integrative Education Environmental System” that enables class assistance using the smart phone while limiting “Inappropriate use


Smart phone, Inappropriate use, Class assistance, Environmental System