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Multiview Web Service: The Integration of The Notion of View And Point of View in The Web Services




Vol. 14  No. 2  pp. 31-36


The adoption of Web services is a major step in the development of interoperable information systems. The composition of services makes it possible to meet the increasingly complex needs of users by combining several Web services in the same business process. The use of Web services in the information systems based on the Web is increasingly frequent. These systems need to be adapted as more and more users with different preferences access the Web by using a wide range of devices (computer, PDA, cell phone, etc. . .). To date, none of the three standards of web services have considered using the concept of view and point of view of web services. The focus of our article is to introduce the concept of view and point of view of Web services that will be called afterwards MultiView web service. This is to achieve benefits such as the interoperability between remote systems according to each user needs and preferences. To reach such benefits, we decomposed web services into sub services and we collected them according to the characteristics and properties of each user called point of view. It is an attempt to reach the ultimate goal to be represented depending on each user view.


Web service, View, Point of view, Composition.