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Preference on High Frame Rate Stereoscopic 3D in TV


Jongyoung Kim, Seiwoong Oh


Vol. 14  No. 2  pp. 37-40


Frame rates higher than the conventional 24 fps (frame per second), collectively referred as HFS (High Frame Rate), have been adopted in cinema movies recently. HFR is believed to resolve several issues related to the quality of stereoscopic images since it brings almost no artifacts as flickering and motion blur by its nature. In this paper, we evaluated how audiences appreciate the high frame rate over traditional frame rate used for TV. The result shows that participants have given preferences over higher frame rate playback in almost all cases of depth and speed combinations. The tendency, which is a favor over higher frame rate playback, becomes faint when the test image contains no movement.


HFR, Watching satisfaction, ANOVA, Post-hoc test, Stereoscopic 3D