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An SKR Tree Based Ranking Dominated Location With Circular Safe Zone Region


Saranraj.G, Mookhambika.N


Vol. 14  No. 2  pp. 139-148


In reality, spatial objects (e.g., hotels) not only have spatial locations but also have quality attributes (e.g., star, price). An object p is said to dominate another one p', if p is no worse than p' with respect to every quality attribute and p is better on at least one quality attribute. Traditional spatial queries (e.g., nearest neighbor, closest pair) ignore quality attributes, whereas conventional dominance-based queries (e.g., skyline) neglect spatial locations. From this FDL (Farthest Dominated Location) retrieves the results, includes both quality attributes, and spatial objects with sufficient R-Tree algorithm to retrieve the data. For each query, location based server need to analyze query point and what the query needs to analyze from the database is large to store the data. For this, my project proposes a system include safe zone. This zone creates a circular zone with range for the query, location will be analyzed. This project proposes an efficient index called SKR-tree data structure which performs 1) Spatial filtering, 2) Textual filtering and 3) Object ranking in a fully integrated manner. Moving object database (MOD) engine is the foundation of Location-Based Service (LBS) information systems. The communication costs were the bottleneck for improving query efficiency until the rectangular safe region algorithm partly solved this problem. Theoretical proof and experimental results show that the proposed algorithm substantially outperforms the traditional periodic monitoring and the circular safe region algorithm in terms of monitoring accuracy, reducing communication costs and server CPU time.


Location Based Service, Moving Object Database, Continuous Spatial Query