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A Survey of Digital Image Processing Techniques in Character Recognition


Mahmud S. Alkoffash, Mohammed J. Bawaneh, Hasan Muaidi, Shihadeh Alqrainy, Muath alzghool


Vol. 14  No. 3  pp. 65-71


The digital image processing (DIP) has been employed in a number of areas, particularly for feature extraction and to obtain patterns of digital images. Recognition of characters is a novel problem, and although, currently there are widely-available digital image processing algorithms and implementations that are able to detect characters from images, selection of an appropriate technique that can straightforwardly acclimatize to diverse types of images, that are very specific or complex is very important. This paper presents a brief overview of digital image processing techniques such as image restoration, image enhancements, and feature extraction, a framework for processing images and aims at presenting an adaptable digital image processing method for recognition of characters in digital images


image processing, digital image processing, thresholding, morphological thinning, hough transform, character recognition,Digital Image Processing