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Video Steganography through LSB Based Hybrid Approach


Hemant Gupta, Setu Chaturvedi


Vol. 14  No. 3  pp. 99-106


In this paper, proposed an advance approach for dynamic data protection using LSB and hybrid approach. Steganography is the art of communicating a message by embedding it into multimedia data. The proposed method for replacing one or two or three LSB of each pixel in video frame and apply Advance encryption standard (AES). It becomes very difficult for intruder to guess that an image is hidden in the video as individual frames are very difficult to analyze in a video. In this observation peak to signal noise ratio (PSNR) is grater for 1 bit LSB substation as compared to 3 bit LSB substation so that when number of LSB substation bit increased then security level is also increased and observation correlation coefficient has the value r=1 if the two image are absolutely identical, r=0 if they are completely uncorrelated and r=-1 if they are completely anti correlated for example if one image is the negative of the other


AES, LSB, Cryptography