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A Result Analysis of Modified Hybrid Port Knocking (MHPK) With Strong Authentication


Priyanka Sahu, Megha Singh, Deepak Kulhare


Vol. 14  No. 3  pp. 107-114


It is sometimes desirable to allow access to open ports on a firewall only to authorized external users and present closed ports to all others. We examine ways to construct an authentication service to achieve this goal, and then examine one such method, Modified Hybrid port knocking. Implementations by presenting a novel port knocking architecture that provides strong authentication while addressing the weaknesses of existing port knocking systems. This paper are developing and evaluating the performance of a new proposed modified hybrid port knocking (MHPK) technique with proposed encryption/decryption technique. Prime concerned of the proposed work is to prevent different ?different type of port attack and fulfill the entire security requirement for network. Proposed technique is the combination of four concepts, these are port knocking (PK), Symmetric key encryption/decryption, steganography and mutual authentication. In conclusion, port knocking deserves future consideration and can be a valuable layer in defence-in-depth. The performance evaluation and analysis of the proposed technique is calculating by measuring of the some parameter like security, portability, and average authentication time, which is showing the superiority of the proposed technique as compare existing technique


Port Knocking, Authentication, Security, Portability, Steganography, cryptography, firewall, Attack’s