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An Image High Capacity Steganographic Methods by Modified OPA Algorithm and Haar Wavelet Transform


A.Antony Judice, Dhivya Shamini.P, Divya Sree.D.J, Lekshmi Sree.H.A.


Vol. 14  No. 3  pp. 125-132


Steganography is the art and science of hidingcommunication a steganographic system thus embeds hidden content in unremarkable cover media so as not to arouse an eavesdropper’s suspicion. In the past, people used hidden tattoos or invisible ink to convey steganographic content. Using steganography, information can be hidden in different embedding mediums, known as carriers. These carriers can be images, audio files, video files, and text files. The focus in this paper is on the use of an image file as a carrier, and hence, the taxonomy of current steganographic techniques for image files has been presented. Today, computer and network technologies provide easy-to-use communication channels for steganography.In most algorithm used to secure information both steganography and cryptography are used together to secure a part of information. Steganography has many technical challenges such as high hiding capacity and imperceptibility. In this paper,we try to optimize these two main requirements by proposing a novel technique for hiding data in digital images by combining the use of adaptive hiding capacity function that hides secret data in the integer wavelet coefficients of the cover image with the optimum pixel adjustment (OPA) algorithm. The proposed system showed high hiding rates with reasonable imperceptibility compared to other steganographic system


Steganography,adaptive algorithm,spatial domain, discretewavelet transform,optimum pixel adjustment algorithm