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Secure Authentication Watermarking in Ad-hoc Destination-Sequenced Distance-Vector Routing Protocol


Mehemed Bashir Aliwa


Vol. 14  No. 5  pp. 26-37


Security is important in the routing protocol of mobile ad-hoc networks MANETs, it is necessary to protect against malicious attacks as well as in data transmission. The goal of mobile ad-hoc security is to safeguard the nodes’ operation and ensure the availability of communication in spite of adversary nodes. The node operations can be divided into two phases, discover route path and forward data, both stages need to protect from attacks. In this paper, have been proposed SAWDV: Secure Authentication Watermarking in Ad-hoc Destination-Sequenced Distance-Vector routing protocol by improving a novel authenticated digital watermarking in mobile ad-hoc routing protocol AWDV based on the design of the Destination-Sequenced Distance-Vector DSDV. In order to support use with nodes to guard against wormhole and modification attacks. The result of the SAWDV was compared with the SEAD: secure efficient ad-hoc distance vector, AWDV and standard DSDV routing protocols, under the performance analysis of simulation using simulator ns-2 with security analysis. The results obtained prove that the SAWDV outscores the AWDV, SEAD and DSDV in all aspects. The SAWDV improve and enhance the security of AWDV provides the security solution for the possible packet dropping by wormhole and modification attacks in MANETs


Mobile ad-hoc network, attacks, secure routing protocol, digital watermarking, ns-2 simulator and metrics