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Towards Self-Configuration Techniques for Cognitive Radio Networks


Obeten Obi Ekabua, Nnenna Christine Eric-Nwonye


Vol. 14  No. 5  pp. 63-67


Cognitive Radio Networks (CRN) are networks that can sense their operating environment and adapt their implementation to achieve the best performance. Therefore, a cognitive radio must dynamically configure and reconfigure itself under changing environments. Self-configuration is the ability to adjust operation parameters and transmissions on the fly without modification on the hardware components. This paper reports on the mechanisms that can help radio networks to be self-configured. These mechanisms are channels aware schedulers, location aware schedulers, autonomous mechanisms and self-adjusting frequency reuse mechanisms. Furthermore, we introduce coverage optimization, capacity optimization, routing strategies, Mac Protocol design, energy efficiency design and synchronization schemes to enable the radio to adjust easily, use and provide information in a dynamically changing environment


Self-Configuration, Cognitive Radio, Software Defined Radios, Schedulers, Nodes