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Comparing Face Recognition Technologies


Sachin D. Ruikar, HulleRohit Rajiv


Vol. 14  No. 5  pp. 68-72


An automated system for human face recognition in a real time background world for a large homemade dataset of persons face. There is overview and different steps of face recognition. Because the face system is totally non-intrusive, thus without bothering the user in any way it can therefore make an existing security system more effective. To detect real time human face AdaBoost is used and a 2DFLD is used to recognize the faces detected. The 2DFLD is used to select an optimal subset of features that gives a better accuracy results in solving the face recognition problem. This approach is compared with the AdaBoost plus standard PCA


Face recognition, Eigenface, AdaBoost, Haar Cascade Classifier, Principal Component Analysis (PCA), two-dimensional fisher’s linear discriminate (2DFLD)