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Replication of Enormous Data Process in Cloud Computing


K.Aishwarya, R.Sathyan


Vol. 14  No. 5  pp. 108-113


Cloud computing is a computing platform with the back bone of internet to store, access the data and application which is in the cloud, not in the computer. The continuous increase of computational power has produced an overwhelming flow of data. The recent trends in Web technology has made it easy for any user to provide and consume content of any form. Replication in the cloud computing architecture and large scale data processing mechanisms. When replicated data are concurrently updated at different sites or when the system workload and the resources requested by clients change dynamically. In replication location of this infrastructure to the network to reduce the costs associated with the management of hardware and software resources. In this paper, replication of Data Management in the Cloud Computing, data integrity and user privacy through cloud system


Cloud Computing, Cloud Data Storage, database management, Replication, MapReduce, Virtual Machine