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Believer Based Protected and Efficient Routing in Pervasive Network


J. Lenin, M. Punithavalli


Vol. 14  No. 6  pp. 1-6


A Pervasive Network is one in which the estimation of the capability of the nodes to arrange themselves autonomously in the network environment and exchange information through these networks. All types of ad-Hoc networks come under pervasive network. In this dynamically changing environment, we cannot provide security in the best manner. So, we propose Believer based protected and efficient routing (BBPER). In our proposed system, each autonomous node present in the pervasive network maintains the list of believer nodes in its transmission range. Initially, each node is preloaded with the randomly generated prime number. The believer node is selected by sending a confront message as a puzzle to its neighbor. The node which has the same prime number alone would reply correctly. Based on this criterion every node selects its believer nodes and maintains a believer node list. A source will send data to the destination only through the believer nodes. By incorporating this method, we avoid routing the data packets through malicious nodes. Our proposed scheme was analysed by using the ns2 simulations.


Pervasive Network, autonomous node, malicious node, ad-hoc networks