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Measuring Accuracy in Identifying and Detecting Unauthorized Access Point using Proactive Intrusion Detection Approach in Wireless Networks


Muhammad Salman, Bagio Budiardjo, Kalamullah Ramli


Vol. 14  No. 6  pp. 7-12


Currently, one of the major security issues in wireless environment is the intrusion coming from an unknown and unauthorized wireless access points. This access points could expose any sensitive information transmitted over the network. Until now the Intrusion Detection System (IDS) on Wireless network environment is still being developed because the necessary of its architectural design and IDS detection techniques need high levels of optimization in accommodating unique characteristics. IDS on Wireless network must have an adaptive nature and meet the scalability aspects in a distributed wireless network, as well as having a high accuracy detection with low false positive rate by taking into account the resource constraints on wireless networks. Furthermore, the convenience of the user in accessing network wirelessly could face the security risks against the intrusion of the possible Unauthorized Access Point, which is not legitimized and registered on a network. A more proactive detection system to protect this kind of intrusion has become an important part in the development of Intrusion Detection System. In this research, the mechanism of detecting the presence of Unauthorized Access Point is developed and the accuracy rate for identifying and detecting the presence of this kind of Access Point is also analyzed. During the test, it is showed that the accuracy of detection system reaches about 100% on idle traffic conditions, then declined to around 90%-70% in medium to low traffic conditions.


wireless networks, unauthorized access point, proactive protection, intrusion detection system