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Performance Enhancement of Cloud Computing using Clustering


Bhupendra Panchal, R.K.Kapoor


Vol. 14  No. 6  pp. 37-40


Cloud computing is an emerging infrastructure paradigm that allows efficient maintenance of cloud with efficient uses of servers. Virtualization is a key element in cloud environment as it provides distribution of computing resources. This distribution results in cost and energy reduction, thus making efficient utilization of physical resources. Thus resource sharing and use of virtualization allows improved performance for demanding scientific computing workloads. Number of data centers and physical servers are underutilized so they are used inefficiently. So performance evaluation and its enhancement in virtualized environment like public and private cloud are the challenging issues. Performance of cloud environment is dependent on CPU & memory utilization, Network and I/O disk operations. In order to improve the performance of the virtualization with cloud computing, one of the solutions is to allow highly available data in the cluster form. Thus replicas are available at each data centers and are highly available. In the proposed work, the I/O parameters are chosen for increasing the performance in this domain. This enhancement can be achieved through the clustering and caching technologies. The use of technology for data centers clustering is proposed in this paper. Thus performance and scalability can be improved by reducing the number of hits to the cloud database.


Virtualization, cloud computing, clustering, performance enhancement, caching.