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Analysis of Digital Image Processing with Parallel with Overlap Segment Technique


Mohd.Iqbal, Sandeep Raghuwanshi


Vol. 14  No. 6  pp. 52-57


Image processing computing time is an issue for research from the beginning and different method has been used but no one gives the efficiently result with different method. Our research in this paper calculates the image processing computation time. Using parallel processing and overlap segment technique. It can reduce the computation time. Discussing in this paper divided image frame into a number of sections by overlap technique. Using DSP resources and keeping high accuracy and speed main target. It is avoiding a traditional segment technique. It uses an Overlap segment technique is best for sectioning and grouping. Overlap segmentation technique remove problem of filtering operation. This technique implemented with parallel processing for computation time and enhances output data. Parallel computing is very useful for performance evaluation and design time calculation as well as advantages of not using data bus as a common data bus transfer. This parallel design gives the advantages of applying different algorithm on image frame.


DSP, FFT, Overlap technique, parallel processing