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Tumor Detection and Classification using Decision Tree in Brain MRI


Janki Naik, Sagar Patel


Vol. 14  No. 6  pp. 87-91


The main focus of image mining is concerned with the classification of brain tumor in the CT scan brain images. The major steps involved in the system are: pre-processing, feature extraction, association rule mining and classification. Here, we present some experiments for tumor detection in MRI images. The pre-processing step has been done using the median filtering process and features have been extracted using texture feature extraction technique. The extracted features from the CT scan images are used to mine the association rules. The proposed method is used to classify the medical images for diagnosis. In this system we are going to use Decision Tree classification algorithm. The proposed method improves the efficiency than the traditional image mining methods. Here, results which we get are compared with Naive Bayesian classification algorithm.


MRI, image mining, CT