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Ultimate Video Spreading With QOS over Wireless Network Using Selective Repeat Algorithm


M.Dinesh, E.Madhusudhana Reddy


Vol. 14  No. 6  pp. 96-101


Now a day’s the broad casting of video place’s a major role in wireless network. If we want to broadcast a video it takes a time to transmit from source to destination, due to large size of video. In wireless network the packet must be lightweight, due to that it takes a large amount of time to transmit large file. We propose a technique to easily transmit or broadcast the data/video efficiently with short duration. If a node wants to do video broadcast it can select the video and transmit in the transmission our (data) video is divided (splitting) small packets these packets are less weight, due to that packets are easily move in the wireless network with less time when compare to previous one. After reaching all packets to the destination we are going to merge the packets according to the sequence number which is already allocated while doing the splitting with help of Selective repeat algorithm we can achieve it. Furthermore we use low complexity algorithm’s (approximation algorithm) for selecting the most energy efficient distribution for the entire set of directed acyclic graph (DAG). The flow selection and resource allocation optimization problem. The flow selection and resource process is adapted in each video layer.


Wireless Network, MANET, Video Streams, Video Broadcast