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Packet Scheduling Mechanism for Multimedia Services to Guarantee QoS in 3GPP LTE System


Pligyu Shin, Kwangsue Chung


Vol. 14  No. 7  pp. 1-11


The packet scheduling mechanism is an important technical issue in the Long Term Evolution (LTE) system. Several packet scheduling mechanisms have been proposed to improve the Quality of Service (QoS) in the LTE wireless communication system. However, most of these mechanisms cannot satisfy various QoS requirements simultaneously. In this paper, we analyze the problems in existing packet scheduling mechanisms in terms of QoS provisioning to propose a new packet scheduling mechanism. The Adaptive Weight-based Scheduling (AWS) mechanism is designed to satisfy various QoS requirements of application services simultaneously. The AWS mechanism calculates several weighting factors which provide QoS provisioning by using various information. Moreover, the AWS mechanism adaptively adjusts the ratio among the weighting factors by using each QoS satisfaction ratio, and then calculates the priority metrics for each user. Therefore, the AWS mechanism provides a guarantee to meet simultaneously various QoS requirements of the application services.


Packet scheduling, LTE, QoS, Multimedia streaming