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The Proposed Design of the Monitoring System for Security Breaches of Buildings Based on Behavioral Tracking


Abdul Monem S. Rahma, Abeer Salim Jamil


Vol. 14  No. 7  pp. 37-40


This paper presents a video security system that uses multiple static cameras to track several people in indoor and outdoor environments. This system has a set of cameras that coordinate the tracking tasks among the cameras. Since each object in the scene can be tracked by a number of cameras, the system is composed of two blocks: the terminal agent and the mobile agent. The mobile agent is capable of efficiently tracking humans by integrating information from the neighboring camera and terminal agents, so they collaborate on the autonomous investigation of a disappearing tracked object or human. The challenge in this paper to solve the scalability problem by introducing a balance that reduces the processing required for each neighbor camera and improves the QoS by reducing the camera frame rate, the number of objects currently tracked by each camera. The experimental results show that the system can coordinate the cameras to track people, solve the scalability problem, and improve the Quality of Service (QoS)


Security system, Human track, Terminal agent,Video stream, Mobile agent, Scalability