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Enhanced Packet Delivery Techniques using Crypto-Logic Riddle on Jamming Attacks for Wireless Communication Medium


O.S.C Kesavulu, P.Harini


Vol. 14  No. 7  pp. 65-71


In this paper, we address the problem of jamming under an internal threat model. We discuss about Swift jamming attacks in wireless networks. We present a challenger model for selective jamming attacks, which may give to the high importance for packet Delivery Techniques. in which specific messages of “high importance” are targeted We illustrate the impact of selective jamming on the network performance by illustrating various selective attacks against the TCP protocol. We show that such attacks can be launched by performing real-time packet classification at the physical layer. We examine the combination of cryptographic primitives with physical layer attributes for preventing real-time packet classification and neutralizing the inside knowledge of the attacker. This intentional interference with wireless transmissions can be used as a launch pad for mounting Denial-of-Service attacks on wireless networks. Typically, jamming has been addressed under an external threat model. we develop three schemes that prevent real-time packet classification by combining cryptographic primitives with physical-layer attributes. Here we propose the Packet delivery techniques on Jamming Attacks over a wire less medium. In this paper we use hiding mechanisms and cryptographic techniques based on the Riddles


Jamming Attacks, Wireless Networks Elements , Crypto ?logic Riddles, Enhanced Packet Delivery Techniques, wi-fi, Blue Tooth