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Face Based Automatic Human Emotion Recognition


Anuradha Savadi, Chandrakala V Patil


Vol. 14  No. 7  pp. 79-81


In the field of image processing it is very interesting to recognize the human gesture for general life applications. For example, observing the gesture of a driver when person is driving and alerting the person when in sleepy mood will be quite useful. Human gestures can be identified by observing the different movements of eyes, mouth, nose and hands. In this proposed system it is focusing on the human face for recognizing expression. Many techniques are available to recognize face. This system introduces a simple architecture for human facial expression recognition. The approach is based on a classifier for face detection and simple token finding and matching. This approach can be adapted to real time system very easily. The system briefly describes the schemes of capturing the image from web cam, detecting the face, processing the image to recognize the gestures as well as few results


Facial action coding system, Face Recognition, Face Detection, Neural Network