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Improved Hash Based Approach for Secure Color Image Steganography using Canny Edge Detection Method


Saurabh Singh, Ashutosh Datar


Vol. 14  No. 7  pp. 82-89


In this paper, we proposed a hash based approach for color image steganography using canny edge detection method. One of the advantages of using edge detection technique is to secure our data. Proposed methodology follows encoding and decoding procedure. For encoding the data in an image we follow a steganography procedure. Steganography is the art of hiding information like-text, audio, video etc. in which anyone can’t predict the difference between the original images and the encoded image. Firstly we take different type of color (RGB) image and text data. Edge detection is done by canny method and then hash function is used to embed text data in the image. We take text data for hiding. We have used Matlab2010a version for simulating the results. For edge detection in any image canny edge detection gives better results. We prefer larger edge detected image for secure steganograpgy. Now a day’s security aspect is one of the essential issues for any type of work. So our proposed method provides a better security. This work is supports different types of file format like-jpg, jpeg, bmp, tiff etc. The hash is a fast and secure approach for image Steganography. Our proposed method is more robust than previous one [19]


Edge detection, Steganography, Encoding & Decoding, Hash function, Mtalab2010a