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Performance Improvement of a Packet Filter by Filtering Compressed Packet


Archita Dad, Anil Saroliya


Vol. 14  No. 7  pp. 116-121


Internet is used as an extensive source for communication. It has also growths the unlawful activities by terrorist and criminals to communicate information. For crime detection and prevention, law enforcement agencies need to keep up with the rising trends in these areas and needs a tool to monitor network traffic. This tool is not a need of only law enforcement agencies but also commercial sector so that companies can prevent their valuable data from falling into hands of their competitor. Now day’s these tools are provided with network devices and also available in market such as PickPacket, PKTD, JPCAP, NetXMS, etc. Data can be filtered at 3 levels in these tools by network parameters, application specific and content specific Filter. To speed up the transaction and for security reasons data is used in compressed form on internet. In content specific level it is difficult to apply sting searching algorithm on compressed data. This paper presents a solution to decompress HTTP data on network


Pick-Packet, HTTP, TELNET, FTP, Compressed Data, gzip