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Alignment-based Similarity Measurement for Action Traces


Juntao GAO, Danchun ZHAO, Hongbo ZHOU, Yongan WANG


Vol. 14  No. 8  pp. 30-35


Similarity measurement of action traces is a basic operator which is useful in several scenarios during business process management, such as process mining, process model search, process reengineering and so on. Firstly, according to an information-theoretic definition of similarity, the reference measure of action traces similarity is defined secondly, the technologies of semantic computing are employed to address ambiguity issues caused by the use of synonyms or homonyms thirdly, Hungarian algorithm is extended to reduce the time complexity of picking out the best match from similarity matrix fourthly, approximate longest common sub-trace is defined to identify the commonality of traces. Finally, the trace similarity is constructed and an experiment is given to evaluate the method


semantic similarity, action traces, firing sequence, business processes