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Energy Efficient Power Aware Multipath Dynamic Source Routing


Kavita Sharma, Vivek Sharma


Vol. 14  No. 8  pp. 47-52


The versatile uses of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks have elicited everyone's attention and offer a lot of challenges to the researchers. Due to absence of central coordinators in Ad hoc Networks all the necessary actions are played by the individual node. Nodes major responsibility is routing and many routing protocols play very important role in it. As packets are sent from source to destination through many intermediate nodes it becomes a very costly process which consumes a lot of power. But many traditional routing protocols the path is chosen on basis of minimum hop count and don't concern about the energy consumption of the individual node. Very often the minimum hop count leads to high power consumption. As the traditional routing protocol don't bother about the node’s residual energy, and if a single intermediate node dies out of energy then the whole communication may be interrupted due to network partition which may increase the number of retransmission of packets, packet loss results in high bandwidth consumption and hence poor performance. Because all these nodes are operated on limited battery power it has to be used efficiently so that the life time of the network can be enhanced without degrading the performance. This paper proposed an Energy efficient power aware multipath dynamic source routing protocol by modifying one of the most popular routing protocols that is Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) protocol which is not at all concerned about power consumption. This Dynamic source routing-Power Aware routing DSR-PSR uses the basic concept of traditional DSR through which it not only enhances the life time of the network but also increases the overall performance of the networks


Dynamic source routing protocol, DSR, energy efficient routing, Energy efficient dynamic source routing