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Automation of Talent Acquisition Process through Job Application Support System-A Case Study


Sowmya.S, Rajeswara Rao K.V.S


Vol. 14  No. 8  pp. 53-55


Human Resources are valuable assets of any organization. Talent Acquisition is a very important process in an organization, as it involves hiring right people to perform the right job at the right time. The objective of this research work is to study the existing process and to reduce the cycle time of the hiring process. The existing talent acquisition process carried out manually to screen the candidate profiles in the organization. The existing talent acquisition process of the organization is studied and analyzed by using the Value Stream Map in order to identify the non-value added activities of the process. After identifying the time-consuming activities suitable improvements for the process have been suggested. With the help of the Literature Review Recruitment software i.e. Job Application Support system is built in order to maintain the database of the candidates. By implementing the suggested changes through a typical example of the process is exhibited the reduction of cycle time of the process is reduced and the process is made simpler and easier in order to achieving the organization goals and objectives and enhance the market competitiveness


Talent Acquisition Process, Cycle Time, Value Stream Map, IT Tool