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Energy Efficient Mobile Replica Detection in Wireless Sensor Network based on Modified Sequential Probability Ratio Test


Snehal Y. Kulkarni, Nalini A. Mhetre


Vol. 14  No. 8  pp. 56-62


In wireless sensor network, an attacker can capture sensor nodes and can compromise sensor nodes. Then would create duplicate nodes and built up various attacks using duplicate nodes, inserts into the network. This is happened because of unattended nature of wireless sensor network. These attacks helps attacker to control few more nodes to have control over the network. There are many node replication detection methods which have been used to secure from attacks in the sensor network where nodes are static. These methods are dependent on fixed location of sensors and hence do not works for sensor network where nodes are mobile. In wireless sensor network where sensor node are moving i.e. mobile, for node replication detection proposed system is used where attacks are detected quickly. In Modified Sequential Probability Ratio Test (MSPRT) method basic idea is used that mobile node never have more speed than system speed. Nodes undergoes the signature test, communication range test and packet sent test at node communication level so that system can detect node replication in effective and robust manner


Mobile sensor network, security, sequential analysis, replicated mobile node