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Haptic Science and Technology


S. Sri Gurudatta Yadav, R.V.Krishnaiah


Vol. 14  No. 8  pp. 73-77


Haptic technology, or haptics, is a tactile feedback technology which takes advantage of a user's sense of touch by applying forces, vibrations, and/or motions upon the user. This mechanical stimulation may be used to assist in the creation of virtual objects (objects existing only in a computer simulation), for control of such virtual objects, and for the enhancement of the remote control of machines and devices. It has been described as “for the sense of touch what computer graphics does for vision"". Although haptic devices are capable of measuring bulk or reactive forces that are applied by the user, it should not be confused with touch or tactile sensors that measure the pressure or force exerted by the user to the interface


Virtual objects Creation and Control, Sense of touch