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Visualization of Object Relations for Outlier Finding


Takeo Okazaki


Vol. 14  No. 9  pp. 5-11


The visualization of the relationship between objects such as distance and influence is one of the useful technique for outlier finding. Asymmetric data are particularly complicated. In this study, I proposed a method of two-dimensional coordinate arrangement according to dissimilarity between objects by decomposing the distortion and the symmetrical part. For the symmetrical part, I proposed an optimization method of deployment as a whole, which was an extension of the optimization techniques of conventional. For the distortion part, I defined the two components of the direction and magnitude to the skewness. The results of application experiments with two cases of real data showed the effectiveness of the outlier detection by the two-dimensional display of the distortion section in particular


2-dimensional visualization, Asymmetric relationship, Outlier