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Mobility Prediction algorithm to improve the Routing performance in MANET


Vijayalaxmi P, Ravindra E, Vinayadatta V Kohir, V. D. Mytri


Vol. 14  No. 9  pp. 39-44


One of the major challenges in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) is link failure due to mobility. If the degree of mobility of any node in any route increases, the route lifetime decreases. That causes frequent link failures, and results more packet loss and low throughput. Packet loss requires packet retransmissions, which further overload the network and can cause additional latency and packet loss. The proposed algorithm estimates the number of packets that can traverse through the route before it breaks because of mobility. This algorithm increases network throughput and packet delivery ratio. The algorithm is implemented in dynamic source routing (DSR) protocol, and simulated in Jprowler simulator. The simulation results show that the packet delivery ratio of DSR with the algorithm can improve up to forty six percent over DSR in mobile ad hoc networks


Route Life Time(RLT) , Link Life Time(LLT), MANET , DSR