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Margin Adaptive Power Allocation Using Channel State Information in OFDMA Systems


Rajesh Durgam, P.Anil kumar, K.Deepak babu


Vol. 14  No. 9  pp. 67-70


The paper presents the margin adaptive resource allocation using full CSIT (Channel State Information) and statistical CSIT in OFDMA systems. In the past, Monte-Carlo snap-shots in the MA problem is far too complex, an analytical expression of the outage capacity as a function of the Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) and of the outage probability is more complexity. In the paper is used full CSIT and statistical CSIT to obtained for the outage capacity, as a function of the SNR and the outage probability. The proposed methods avoid power divergence situations at any load, and are consequently more ef?cient than iterative water-?lling to solve the MA problem


Distributed resource allocation, margin adaptive problem, MIMO, OFDMA, inter-cell interference