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Research of the Post Evaluation model for the Productivity Construction Project of Oilfield Based on the AHP


Ruishan Du,Yang Li, Feng Tian, Hongtao Xie


Vol. 14  No. 10  pp. 1-4


In order to improve the investment efficiency, decision-making and management level of the productive capacity construction project of oilfield, on the basis of analysis of work processes and work content in detail, for uncertainty, high risk, investment and other characteristics, proposed a design scheme on computer technical supporting of auxiliary systems of the post evaluation for the productive capacity construction project of oilfield based on the AHP. First, determined the evaluation weights reasonably with the AHP, then got the composite score, finally, researched and developed the intelligent systems of satisfying engineering and technical personnel and the decision-making needs of project management according to the actual needs. The system is used in the work of the productive capacity construction project of oilfield, evaluate efficiently and objectively and the decision-making scientifically.


Productivity Construction,the Post Evaluation,AHP, Fuzzy Logic