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A Study of the Relationship between Subjective Image Quality Assessment Scores and Facial Electromyograms


Dorin Gutu, Takayuki Tamura, Yuukou Horita


Vol. 14  No. 10  pp. 5-12


In this paper, we examine the relationship between facial muscle activity and the subjective assessment score of image quality, by using Facial Electromyography (fEMG). Measurements were taken through fEMG and compared to subjective assessments conducted through questionnaires. We measured six relevant facial muscles in this experiment. We also compared the percentage of the measured data and estimated the subjective assessment score using the stepwise regression analysis. Results show that if image quality is degraded, the activity of some muscles increases. The regression equation obtained has shown good results. We identified a visible relationship between fEMG and the subjective assessment score and we argue that fEMG can be effectively applied in the field of image quality assessment


Image quality assessment, Subjective assessment, Biological information, Facial electromyography