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Robust Video Steganographic Model for Banking Application by Cascading the Features of SVD and DWT


Boopathy.R, Ramakrishnan.M, Victor.S.P


Vol. 14  No. 10  pp. 53-59


Imperceptibility and Robustness are the two main imperative components of Steganography. This paper presents a new combined approach to improve the imperceptibility and robustness by cascading the features of Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) and Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT). Steganography becomes a proficient mean of securing multimedia documents. In the Proposed method we show how to use the DWT and SVD for hiding the secret text message which is encrypted by using our own methodology for providing another layer of security. DWT is applied on cover image for decomposition of images into sub bands which gives linear flexibility of images in terms of resolution and distortion and do image compression without any data loss. By adding SVD in the sub bands of DWT, the encrypted message is embedded in the SVD transformed image using LSB algorithm. The decomposition level of DWT and Scaling Factor of SVD can be chosen at runtime. We have selected LL plane for SVD transformation and other planes are also used for different purpose, the appropriate coefficients are properly used which is different from other conventional methods. The Capacity issue in using the SVD is accomplished by taking the video and converting the video into frames then selecting the random number of frames for embedding is done here. The Proposed method is tested with various statistical attacks including Salt & pepper noise .The Experimental results shows that the proposed method is robust against various statistical attacks then PSNR and NC values are maintained as 77db and 0.999 respectively for all the frames. Email is used as communication channel. Finally comparison of the proposed method with other existing methods has been carried out


Steganography, DWT, SVD, LSB, Wavelet decomposition