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Detection of Road Surface Conditions in Winter using Road Surveillance Cameras at Daytime, Night-time and Twilight


Keiji Shibata, Kazuya Takeuch, Shohei Kawai, Yuukou Horita


Vol. 14  No. 11  pp. 21-24


Detection of road surface conditions is a critical issue for safe driving in winter. Because the stopping distance of vehicles on snowy roads is considerably longer than in dry conditions. Conventional detection methods face many problems such as deployment costs and detectable period of time. In this paper, we propose a method for detecting the road surface conditions that is time-independent. The method for detecting the road surface conditions is based on texture features and the Mahalanobis distance by using the road surveillance cameras. It has been concluded that road surface conditions can be identified as wet or snow at daytime, night-time and twilight


Road Surface Condition, Road Surveillance Camera, Image Processing