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A Study of Electronic Ticket Verification Methods


Shu-Ping Lu, Chih-Wei Chao, Chi-Hua Chen


Vol. 14  No. 11  pp. 27-34


Information and communication technologies (ICT) and electronic commerce (EC) are flourishing dramatically. Furthermore, using electronic ticket is possible to reduce the costs of ticket management for companies and users. The business organizations have been restlessly evaluating the revenue potential of the electronic tickets market and exploit the he profit potential of the market quick shopping, variety of merchandises and shopping worldwide at home can offer to consumers. However, due to the ease of copy of electronic contents and privacy issues, the security issue is important in the real application of the electronic ticketing systems. Therefore, this study proposes four electronic ticket verification methods which include QR (Quick Response) code, QR code with digital certificates, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) card, and credit card to provide safe and convenient transactions. Then this study proposes statistics models to evaluate the relations between the user acceptances of electronic ticket verification methods and uses profiles (e.g., sex, age, education, experience of electronic ticket transaction). In experiments, 186 questionnaires are collected and analyzed for evaluation. The practical results show that RFID card and credit card are popular for users. Furthermore, no significant differences are in these relations. Therefore, EC transactions can be designed with RFID card and credit card to verify electronic ticket in the future


Electronic Commerce, Electronic Ticket, Security, Certification、Authentication