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A Novel Aggregations Approach for Preparing Datasets


P.Sai Keerthana Reddy, M.Mannen


Vol. 14  No. 11  pp. 46-49


Data mining plays an important role in real time applications for extracting business intelligence from business data and make expert decisions. Datasets are used in order to mine data for the purpose of discovering knowledge from data. However, preparing datasets manually is a tedious task. The reason behind it is that it involves aggregation of relations and other complex operations. Another important reason for the difficultly is the fact that SQL aggregations do not provide datasets. Instead they can give only single value results that are not suitable for data mining. Data in horizontal layout is required for data mining purposes. For this reason, in this paper we focus on the horizontal aggregations that can produce datasets. Towards it we build three constructs that can be used along with SQL queries to produce datasets automatically. The novel aggregations include SPJ, CASE and PIVOT constructs. We built a prototype for making experiments and the results revealed that the proposed aggregations are able to produce datasets required


SQL, aggregations, horizontal aggregations