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Back Propagation Neural Network Based Gender Classification Technique Based on Facial Features


Anushri Jaswante, Asif Ullah Khan, Bhupesh Gour


Vol. 14  No. 11  pp. 91-96


The gender recognition system with large sets of training sets for personal identification normally attains good accuracy. The features set is applied to three different applications: Pre-processing, Feature Extraction and Classification. The gender are classified on the basis of distance between eyebrow to eye, eyebrow to nose top, nose top to mouth, eye to mouth, left eye to right eye, width of nose, width of mouth. First to extract these features by using Viola Jones algorithm and then apply Artificial Neural Network. The features set is applied to three different applications: face recognition, facial expressions recognition and gender classification. In this paper described two phases such as feature extraction phase and classification phase. The proposed system produced very promising recognition rates for our applications with same set of features and classifiers


Feature Extraction, Gender Classification, Back Propagation neural network