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Repowering an Open Source Firewall Based on a Quantitative Evaluation


Walter Fuertes, Patricio Zambrano, Marco Sánchez, Monica Santillan, Cesar Villacís, Theofilos Toulkeridis, Edgar Torres


Vol. 14  No. 11  pp. 118-125


The increased cyber-attacks in recent years have included violation of firewalls. Based on these facts, our study and main objective is to present the formation of a platform for open source firewall, which induces a highly efficient method to strengthen detection, control and also mitigation of such assaults. In order to fulfill these aims, we designed and implemented an experimental LAN / WAN network environment separated by a firewall device configured in three different software implementations: PfSense, Zentyal and ClearOS. Subsequently, in order to assess quantitatively the performance and efficiency of such systems against cyber-attacks, a firewall was repowered integrating and consolidating an inspection, unifying threat management solutions. The outcome of this research demonstrates clearly and objectively the efficiency and importance of our study


Cyber-attacks, quantitative evaluation, Firewall open source, repowering solutions