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An Efficient Method for Image Restoration from Motion Blur and Additive White Gaussian Denoising Using Richardson Lucy Deconvolution and Fuzzy De-Noising


N.UmaDevi, R.Sudhamathi


Vol. 14  No. 12  pp. 45-50


The proposed system deal with the problem of restoration of images blurred by relative motion between the camera and the object of interest. For correct restoration of the degraded image, it is useful to know the point-spread function (PSF) of the blurring system. It is a straightforward method to restore motion-blurred images given only the blurred image itself. The method first identifies the PSF of the blur and then uses it to restore the blurred image. The blur identification here is based on the concept that image characteristics along the direction of motion are affected mostly by the blur and are different from the characteristics in other directions. By filtering the blurred image, we emphasize the PSF correlation properties at the expense of those of the original image


Motion Blur, Image Restoration, Image Degradation