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Mobile Sink Based Reliable and Energy Efficient Data Gathering Technique for WSN


P. Madhumathy, D. Sivakumar


Vol. 14  No. 12  pp. 78-85


In wireless sensor network (WSN), data gathering causes more energy consumption. Also most of the existing literature work on data gathering process considers only distance and node density and skips reliability criteria. Hence in order to offer both reliability and energy efficiency, in this paper, we propose to design a Mobile Sink Based Reliable and Energy Efficient Data Gathering technique for WSN. In this process, a biased random walk method is used to determine the next position of the sink. Then, a rendezvous point selection with splitting tree technique is used to find the optimal data transmission path. When the data is sensed and ready for transmission, the sensor node encodes the data and communicates it to the sink. On receiving the encoded data from the sensors, the mobile sink decodes the messages and stores the resulting block in its local buffer. Once all blocks have been correctly decoded, the mobile sink reconstructs the original bundle. The increased packet losses in a specific region of the network can be prevented by increasing the pause time of the sink. By simulation results, we show that the proposed technique increases the reliability and energy efficiency


Mobile sink, Data gathering, Rendezvous point, Splitting tree technique, Energy efficiency, biased random walk