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Image Edge Detection using Extended Epanechnicov Function and Non maxima Repression


Meenakshi Yadav


Vol. 15  No. 1  pp. 62-65


In this paper proposed an edge detection technique for gray level images, and which can overcome the limitations of gradient based edge detection methods. The 3 x 3 mask in the image is measured and two pixels S0 and S1 in the mask are used to define an objective function. The objective function value consistent of four directions determines the edge intensity and edge pixel in the mask. The edge map and direction map are generated, and then apply an extended Epanechnicov function as a fuzzy set membership function for each class where class assigned to each pixel is one with the greatest fuzzy truth about membership. This classification is done then used to the non-maxima repression method to extract the edge points. The proposed technique can detect the edge successfully, while double edges, thick edges, speckles edges can be avoided.


Image processing, Edge detection, Fuzzy classifier, Non-maxima repression